Self-service car wash business plan

If you are looking for an investment project with your minimum managerial and temporary participation in the business – a self-service car wash, that’s it.

The project works around the clock / all-season with a minimum number of personnel, the absence of which does not affect the operation of the sink.

To control and manage the investor there is no need to be distracted from the main activity.

Profit 60-70%, payback from 2 years.

The lack of consumer dissatisfaction – the service is performed by ourselves.
Remote financial remote control through complete automation.

Lack of theft by staff and customers.
Project implementation time is from 3 to 6 months.

Investment scheme

Бизнес план мойки самообслуживания
1. Search for self-service car wash
Бизнес план мойки самообслуживания
2. Plan of your site 1: 500 (plan of geodesy)
Бизнес план мойки самообслуживания
3. 3D visualization of self-service car wash
Бизнес план мойки самообслуживания
4. Preparation of the sink layout
Бизнес план мойки самообслуживания
5. Discussion of the concept and equipment
Бизнес план мойки самообслуживания
6. Make a prepayment and get documentation
Бизнес план мойки самообслуживания
7. Start of construction and execution control
Бизнес план мойки самообслуживания
8. Installation of the frame and self-service car wash equipment
Бизнес план мойки самообслуживания
9. Commissioning and opening the sink


It is carried out according to prepared pre-design recommendations and drawings submitted by ICW, each sink is unique and individual. Construction is carried out by the contractor recommended by ICW, or at the request of the customer, a third-party contractor may be involved, the condition is strict adherence to the drawings. The average cost of work and materials is 5,000 euros per post.


Attractive appearance of the complex is achieved by the design of the sink and the appearance of the territory. It is carried out by paving slabs or asphalt according to your preference. The cost is calculated based on the area. The average cost of laying paving slabs, work and materials is 14 euros / 1 sq.m.

Utility room

The choice of building material for the technical room determines the wishes of the customers and the desired documents for registration of technical premises on the site. The choice of material does not have technical significance. The technical room can be capital or of light construction. The cost of technical premises Capital from 7000-10000 euros, Light from 5000-8500 euros. Light from 5000-7500 euros.

Hinged structures

Lightweight hinged structures representing the face of the sink and are no less important in the project, as they are responsible for the first impression of the car wash for the client and must be durable. ICW offers one of 2 options for food stainless steel frames.

Documents and Permissions

The cost of permits is one of the unknowns in this project, since each site is individual and has its own networks and security zones. The main documentation includes the architectural project (the preliminary project will be provided by ICW), technical specifications for connecting to city water (a well is also possible), electricity, and city sewage.

In winter, there is a need for underfloor heating so that there is no icing. The most effective is Gas, respectively, and a gas project, but alternative types of heating are possible: solid fuel or liquid fuel equipment does not require coordination.


The heart of a self-service car wash is equipment. Its main function is to ensure non-stop operation, providing services to the client, while generating financial flow. The level of equipment should initially be laid at a high level, meet and withstand the expected loads. The cost of ICW equipment in an economical configuration starts from 7,000 euros and at the maximum can reach 14,000 euros per post. The average number of posts affects the average cost of technology per post; the more posts there are, the cheaper the post is.


This part of the investment is both directly and indirectly responsible for the financial flow. Directly selling the service to the client, indirectly forming the infrastructure that attracts the client to your self-service car wash. The amount of investment in accessories for self-service carwash determines their number. At least 3,500 euros and can reach the mark of 20,000 euros if you have a complex of 7 posts.

Project payback

The calculation of the payback of a self-service car wash project depends on the cost of the service for the client, its cost and throughput of the complex.

The cost of a service depends on energy resources and the cost of consumables

Rate 1 euro/UAH, - 40.00 UAH.
Electricity - 6.10 UAH
Active foam - 86.00 UAH.
Wax - 234.00 UAH
Cold water - 31.00 UAH.
Gas cost per 1M³ in kopecks. - 18 UAH

So, using the example of frequently purchased programs, 98% of clients use foam and cold water, which is a minimum check of 100 UAH, and the cost of these services is 11,18 UAH.

Payback is calculated based on bandwidth.

Service Opening hours,
Cost price,
Foam 1,25 8,76 41,24 82 %
Cleaner 1,5 17,43 32,57 65 %
Cold water 4 2,41 47,59 95 %
Hot water 2 12,93 37,07 74 %
Wax 3 7,87 42,13 84%
Osmosis water 2,5 2,12 47,88 96%
Vacuum cleaner 10 2,24 47,76 96%

Self-Service Car Wash Capacity

The throughput depends on the number of posts and of course the right place and the correct installation of the complex, this is what we first of all pay the attention of the client.

The time required to wash one car in a self-service car wash is min 8

Number of posts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Number of cars per hour 7,5 15 22,5 30 37,5 45 52,5 60
Max per day 180 360 540 720 900 1080 1260 1440
When loading 5% 9 18 27 36 45 54 63 72
When loading 10% 18 36 54 72 90 108 126 144
When loading 20% 36 72 108 144 180 216 252 288
When loading 30% 54 108 162 216 270 324 378 432

On the example of a complex with 6 posts and a washing cost of 100 UAH using the “foam” and “cold water” programs, we consider the gross income and profit for different car wash loads.

Workload per day Turnover UAH per year Costs per year Profit
When loading at 5%, my 54 cars per day 1 971 000 UAH 220 357 UAH 1 750 642 UAH
  49 275 € 5 509 € 43 766 €
When loading at 10%, my 108 cars a day 3 942 000 UAH 440 716 UAH 3 501 284 UAH
  98 550 € 11 018 € 87 532 €
When loading at 20%, my 216 cars per day 7 884 000 UAH 881 431 UAH 7 002 569 UAH
  197 100 € 22 036 € 175 064 €
When loading at 30%, my 324 cars per day 11 826 000 UAH 1 322 147 UAH 10 503 853 UAH
  295 650 € 33 054 € 262 596 €

Based on the data we have, we can understand the payback point of the investment project of a self-service car wash.

  1. Construction of 6 posts = 30 000 €
  2. Landscaping 1000 sq. M. = 12 000 €
  3. We take the technical room on average = 8 000 €
  4. Sink frame optimum 4 closed 2 open posts = 40 000 € (you can choose another option)
  5. Equipment average price range 12000 € per post = 72 000 €
  6. Accessories for 12 000 €

Total 174 000 €

If you are interested in calculating for fewer or more posts, you can calculate it yourself based on the data provided above.

Investment 174,000 euros
Load 5 % 10 % 20 % 30 %
Turnover 49 275 € 98 550 € 197 100 € 295 650 €
Profit 43 766 € 87 532 € 175 064 € 262 596 €
Costs 5 509 € 11 018 € 22 036 € 33 054 €
Payback, years 4 2 1 0,8
Annual % 25% 50 % 100 % 150 %

Swot analysis


The presence of the target audience.

Satisfying customer requirements, lack of dissatisfaction.

A qualitatively new type of service.

Availability 24/7.

Individual choice of service programs.

Advantages over competitors.

Competitive cost of services.


Dependence of the project on the right location.

Weather dependent.


Brand Creation.

Networking, expansion in other cities, countries.

Integrations with other ICW car washes into a common network.

Cooperation with shopping centers, gas stations.


The appearance of competitors.

Not foreseen deadlines and costs for obtaining permits for a land plot.

Market capacity is directly proportional to the number of registered cars.

Constant market growth due to an increase in the fleet.

The low quality of roads has a positive effect on the project, while driving on such roads, cars quickly become dirty and need to be washed.

Most car owners love caring for their cars.

On average, a motorist washes a car 24 times a year.


  • manual car washes
  • automatic car washes

Who is our customer?

Customers can be segmented into regular and random.

Permanent – live around us, work and travel every day.

Random – this is a transit vehicle that drove into a self-service car wash, passing by, I learned the ICW design known to it.

The age of 18-60 years, who wants to take care of their cars on their own, without spending more than 20 minutes on it, having the opportunity to save and of course “my work is the best of all.”

Car class, type of clothes does not matter.

4 cost items

the cost of MCO
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